Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Using a Web Site's Search Function Directly From Chrome's Omnibox

Ever have a brain fart and can't remember the title or an actor in a movie? In the past, I would open in a new tab and use the site's search function to find my answer. Now, I can do it directly from my current window. All I do is type in IMDB and hit tab — now I can use IMDB's search function without going to the site (the search results will be from the site):

You can add any web site's search to Google Chrome's Omnibox. With Google Chrome's settings, select Manage search engines

In addition to some standard ones Google already has, you can easily add your own. First you need to find the search result URL used on the web site. On Grooveshark, when I search for Queen, it displays:!/search?q=queen

I then substitute my query (i.e. queen) with %s. Chrome will use whatever you type in the Omnibox for %s.!/search?q=%s

Once you have your search URL, you just need to add the shortcut (what you type to enable the search) and the display name.

Remember, the shortcut is enabled after you type it and then hit tab:

Here's some ideas to get your started:

Google Drive:

Google Image Search:


For more information, see Google's documentation:

What search engines will you add?